Valuable Information on Window Coverings and Child Safety

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Children and window treatment cords are not a good match. When window treatment cords are accessible to small children, these products may become strangulation hazards. I saw it myself when my little granddaughter put an un-anchored loop cord around her neck like a noose. Thank goodness I saw this happen and took appropriate measures. She was not harmed.
Other children are not so lucky. The consumer Product Safety Commission reports 1 child per month dies from strangulation from window treatment cords. The Window Covering Safety Council recommends if you have shades or blinds with cords, replace them with today’s safer cordless products. If you can’t afford to replace these shades or blinds, there are measures that can be taken to make it safer for your children:
*Move all cribs, furniture and toys away from windows and window treatment cords, preferably to another wall.
*Keep all window treatment cords well out of reach of children. Eliminate all dangling cords.
*Tasseled pull cords should be cut as short as possible.
*Continuous loop cords on shades, draperies and vertical blinds should be permanently anchored to the floor, wall, or window casing.
*Lock cords into position on a cleat at all times.
*Read and heed the warning tags that come with all window coverings.
A new Window covering safety standard has been put into effect as of December 2018. All ready-made and stock products must be cordless or have inaccessible cords. Corded shades and blinds are not illegal, but can only be purchased through a custom window treatment specialist, like Drapery Connection.
Cordless products do not meet all the needs or desires of all consumers. These cordless shades and blinds can be difficult to operate by a handicapped or elderly persons. Working with a knowledgeable window treatment expert will help customers find the appropriate product with the appropriate lift system to suit their individual needs and lifestyles. Top window treatment manufacturers like Comfortex and Lafayette offer many safety features. The cordless Lift & Lock feature has a button in the bottom rail which is pressed to lift and lock the shade into position. Simpler cordless systems without the operating buttons are referred to as AccuRise or Cordless Ultra. Retractable cords keeps the cords short & out of reach of children, but accessible to adults. Continuous loop cords are anchored to the wall or window casing permanently to prevent child play. Cord lock lift systems have been designed to “break away”, and cleats are provided and installed high enough so little hands cannot reach them .
The new safety standards apply to soft window treatments as well. Traversing draperies have a loop cord that is anchored to the wall or the window casing. Hand drawn draperies, such as pinch pleats or grommet tops, eliminate the need for cords, although the appropriate rods are needed for all hand drawn treatments. The TLC system for roman & balloon shades uses a mesh casing over the back cords to ensure they will not open wider than 7”, thus preventing a child’s head from becoming entangled. Many drapery workrooms now offer a cordless lift system for roman shades, which is such a popular window treatment today.
My granddaughter now has a little brother, who is quite active and climbs everything! You can be sure that all of my cleats are in place for any dangling cords, all cords that can be shortened are shortened, and cordless shades are used where ever possible. I welcome you to call us at Drapery Connection today for your complimentary in-home consultation. We will help you find the right shade or drapery product with the safest and most convenient lift system that fits your needs and lifestyle. Please consider changing your old, out-dated shades with newer shades with safety features. I look forward to hearing from you!

Custom Bed Coverings

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Every bedroom is unique with its very own style, colors, and furnishings within it. The most imperative piece in each bedroom is the bed itself. We not only want extreme comfort, but style and colors come together to contrive “the piece de resistance”. Working with the surrounding colors and furnishings assists us with the completion of the main feature. Creating each custom bed covering design comes in endless possibilities, from uncomplicated and solid, to ornate and extravagant. Each bed covering piece is designed for you to become personally your own.

Custom bed coverings come in a variety of styles. They include bedspreads and coverlets, comforters, duvet covers, dust ruffles (bed skirts), upholstered headboards. Bed coverings range in size from daybeds, and from twin size to king. They are often topped with pillow shams. Two common custom throw pillow styles that go along well with bed coverings are the bolster, and the round sunburst pillow.

Custom bed coverings which include bedspreads, coverlets, comforters, and duvet covers can be quilted or unquilted. There are many styles of quilting, including soft shapes such as diamonds, clouds, circles and arches, or even the hourglass pattern. Channeling is a common quilt pattern as well. You can have more intricate quilt patterns such as outline quilting when you have a patterned fabric, or actual designs such as flowers and leaves stitched onto the bed covering when a solid fabric is used. One simple pattern is the horizontal or vertical tack. When a busy pattern is present on the fabric, often no quilting pattern is desired to place further emphasis on the fabric’s own design. A very common fill for the quilted patterns is poly Dacron, which comes in different densities.

Some may prefer the full length of bedspreads cascading down to the floor. Other people prefer the shorter side lengths of coverlets, comforters and duvet covers. Bedspreads and coverlets can have a straight or scalloped bottom. Some common decorations for the bottom edge of bedspreads and coverlets are decorative welts, tassel trim, brush fringe.  Bedspreads can have pillow tuck, where pillows are covered with the bedspread, or without pillow tuck. If no pillow tuck is desired, custom shams are an appropriate addition.  Bedspreads can have split corners, or be fitted with gussets.

Comforters and Duvet Covers can be reversible. Both sides can have the same fabric, or one side in contrast fabric for an occasional different look and feel. Comforters generally have larger density fill than bedspreads. Duvet covers standard closure is the zipper.

A common accompaniment to the coverlets, comforters and duvet covers is the addition of a dust ruffle. Dust ruffles come in various styles, including gathered, box pleated. A young girls’ bedroom may have a gathered dust ruffle to portray a more feminine feel. A boys’ bedroom may have a box pleated or kick pleat dust ruffle to depict a more masculine style. Subject to the fabric chosen for the comforter/duvet, consider the dust ruffles’ fabric coordinating in repeat colors. In addition to the repeating colors, if the comforter/duvet has a curvilinear fabric, a complimentary fabric may be a geometric, stripe, plaid, or even solid fabric. The combination of fabric prints or styles can be used either way. Dust ruffles are standardly finished with 3 sides, also can be finished with 4 sides.

Custom pillow shams act as genuine complimenting accents to your bed coverings. Custom pillow shams are often created correlating with the each of the bed’s fabric, even repeated in the same fabric. Shams can be simple and solid, or embellished and extravagant. Pillow shams may be finished with fabric welt, decorative lip cord, brush fringe, or they may not have any welt on outside edge for a more modern/contemporary look. They can even have a gathered ruffle for a more feminine style. Shams can have fabric covered buttons either in the same or contrast fabric for further accent. There is even a Eurosham in a square style, can be accompanied by standard rectangular shams. Like standard shams, Euroshams can be ornate with many trimmings or multiple fabrics, or simple and solid to coordinate with existing pieces and bring out color.

Custom upholstered headboards create additional harmony to the finished bed. We can help in selecting the appropriate durable fabrics to complete the look. Headboards use upholstery weight or drapery weight fabrics, often done in faux leathers and suedes. They come in many shapes and styles. Headboards can contain tufting, or they can be finished with decorative nailheads. Many headboards have rolled edges with welt. They can have standard legs, or can be mounted directly to the wall. Upholstered headboards can often be more cost effective than a wood headboard.

Altogether, you can have some, or even all of the above mentioned custom bed coverings. We can assist in your selection of fabrics for your convenience, to bring about beautiful bed coverings for your bedroom. Every individual bed completed with any or many of the custom coverings creates an essential centerpiece to the space.

How Accessories Can Enhance a Room

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Beautiful window treatments and upholstered furniture can really create a major statement to the rooms they represent, since they introduce combinations of colors, designs, styles, shapes, and even textures to their surrounding spaces.  All of these meaningful pieces can be further enhanced with the addition of accompanying accessories, either repeating their fabrics, or coordinating and complimenting fabrics to incorporate each of their areas as complete.  Any suitable accessory does the work themselves along with the window treatments and furniture to engender a harmonious living space.

Decorative throw pillows are one of the accessories that complete the space.  They come in many different shapes and sizes – square with knife edge, square with Turkish corners, round sunburst, boxed, and even bolsters.  Many fabrics can be used for custom throw pillows – drapery fabric, multipurpose and upholstery weight.  They can be finished off with self or contrast welt, decorative lip cord, brush fringe, ball fringe, tassels, decorative bands, decorative ruffles, or even no welt at all.  They can be decorated with covered buttons, multiple fabrics, they can have decorative overlays, or even envelope style.  They can be tied in by repeating fabric from surrounding window treatments, or bed coverings, or just complimenting /coordinating with area.  Decorative throw pillows are commonly used in living rooms, family rooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms and on window seats.  Pillows make it possible to tie rooms together by repeating fabrics or colors from accompanying features – draperies, bed coverings, upholstery, and more.  Pillows can be solid and simple, to extravagant and luxurious.  They can contain many trimmings for the fancy accent.

Square throw pillows are the most common, and can be constructed and decorated countless ways.  For more traditional spaces we may add fabric welt or decorative rope lip cord on outside edge. In a more modern/contemporary style room we may not have any welt on outside edge.  A more masculine style may have no welt and done in suede or faux leather.  In a more feminine style we may use more dainty trimmings, or perhaps decorative ruffling.

Bolsters are a stylish accompaniment for any bed.  They can be simple cylindrical, or even candy wrapper style.  Bolsters may have fabric welt or decorative lip cord, and finished with a center button to accentuate the ends.  The ends can be plain or shirred.  A feature often used on a bolsters’ body is decorative banding.  The use of the decorative banding wrapping around the bolster places emphasis on its body.

Sunburst pillows are shirred with a center button on both sides.  They are nicely finished with either fabric welt, or a decorative lip cord on the outer edge.  Pillows can come in any shape, including the cabbage rose style.  The cabbage rose style decorative pillows bring off an elegant feminine feel to the area.  Decorative overlays can incorporate several fabrics and colors in one pillow.  The overlays give a sophisticated feel to any pillow.  The center tie on an overlay can even contain gimp, decorative band, or other trimmings.  The envelope style pillows can give off a more elegant decorative touch to a space, depending on room type and surrounding features.  Envelope pillows can use tassel fringe on their fold, finished with decorative lip cord on the outside edge.  Each pillow is unique in its own individual way, whether shape, size, color, or style of trimmings used.  Pillows can be closed by zippers, Velcro, or hand stitched.  Pillows can be filled with poly-dacron, or down.  Down can be 100% goose down feathers, or a feather blend.

Custom chair pads and custom fitted seat cushions can also dress up simple areas.  They add colors, textures, and patterns.  Printed and woven designs accentuate and beautify plain seating areas, or even dress up empty window spaces.  Seat cushions can be constructed into any shape to fit different shaped chair seats.  Custom window seat cushions add seating to an area as well as a beautiful decorative accent.  They can be simple and solid to add color, or they can be extravagant with fancy decorative welts and fringes.  Decorative throw pillows are customary accompaniments to custom seat cushions for additional accent.  Custom chair pads naturally embellish plain and simple kitchen and dining chairs, by bringing in more colors and designs to the space, as well as adding comfort to the seating.  The chair pads’ colors and designs can tie in other features of each room. They contain ties or Velcro tabs to stay in place, or decorative chair ties with tassels for an elegant style.  Altogether, they greatly accentuate the chairs, and further enhance the area.  We will assist you in selecting the appropriate fabrics for durability.  Treatments are available for stain protection.

In dining areas, the seats/chairs companion is the dining table, frequently in need of enrichment.  Some commonly used coverings are tablecloths, table runners, and even table overlays.  Along with custom chair pads, table cloths and table runners additionally place further emphasis on the tables alone.
Simple and plain end tables, and round accent tables in Living Rooms, Family Rooms, and bedrooms also need the natural enhancement of the custom tablecloths or table overlays.  Each can tie the rooms together by repeating or complimenting fabrics from window treatments, or upholstery.  Each of the table coverings can be further garnished by the addition of contrast fabric welts, lip cords, tassels, brush fringe, decorative gimps or bands, or key tassels.  These embellishments will accentuate the shape of each table runner or table overlay itself, posing as a key accent to the room.

There are often times when there is excess fabric from the kitchen or dining room’s window treatments. One simple use is to create place mats for the dining area.  Place mats can be constructed in many shapes – rectangular or square, round or oval, or even contain fancy cut out corners.  Many place mats are simple and flat, but they can contain welt, or banding.  They bring in small bursts of color and design to connect with surrounding space, as well as placing further emphasis on dining area.

Any style of accessories becomes an essential feature of the area, and can further enhance the existing space.  Regardless of their shape, size, color or design, accessories can assist in tying the room together.  Relative to each room’s window treatments and furniture, the accessories secondly become vital pieces to the area.

The Value of Blackout Window Treatments

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It is now the “Good Old Summertime”!   It gives us long, hot, sunny days in which we can enjoy our favorite outdoor activities.  It is the time of year when we get to see our neighbors again.  Everyone is outside, soaking up every ounce of daylight to be had.  Eventually we all go back inside to go to sleep.

The sun rose today at 5:22am, but the sun began to light up the sky at 4:15am.  Many of us are light sensitive.  A trip to the bathroom at 4:30 am will wake me up completely!  Many of our clients are also privileged to have light sensitivity.  Without blackout window treatments, their days will begin as early as mine do.  It is difficult for me to function at all past 3pm when I arise that early.

I am currently working with several clients who share this sensitivity.  They are blessed to have very large windows in their Master Bedrooms.   Some are overlooking the water.  Some are in a high rise with lots of street lights below.  I love lots of light coming into a room during the day.  At night, it may be required to eliminate the light to provide a healthful night’s sleep.  There are many options to achieve this goal.

First, I will list all of the window treatments that do not provide appropriate blackout light control.  Any type of blinds, horizontal or vertical, always have light leakage between the slats, even if the slats are opaque.  Any shade product that is considered translucent will provide privacy but will not provide blackout  conditions.  Sun shades (roller shades) are effective to retain your view,  and will block the sun’s glare, but will not provide any room darkening.  They are graded by their percentage of openness.  The higher the percentage, the better the view can be retained while blocking the sun’s glare.  This openness rating is not related in any way to room darkening or black out.  These shade fabrics are considered sheer.  The newer, and very attractive, shading systems offer room dimming fabrics, but these shading systems are very much like cloth horizontal or vertical  blinds.  There will always be light leakage between the vanes.  These products also do not have very tight closures.

There are several products I recommend to my clients for room darkening.  Opaque or blackout cellular (honeycomb) shades, which are available in many current colors and textures, will completely block out all of the sun’s light ( even the street lights), leaving your bedroom completely dark.  There will always be a little light leakage on the sides, whether the shades are inside or outside mounted.  To overcome this issue, if it is an issue with my client, there are side tracks available to block more of that light leakage.   Today’s roller shades offer many beautiful blackout fabrics in current colors and textures.  Some brands also offer a side track to help limit the light leakage.

If you are not a fan of window shades of any kind, custom blackout draperies may be a better fit for you.  We have many blackout linings available to use with any drapery fabric, to create a softer look for your bedroom.   For some clients, I have made their draperies one inch longer on the floor to assure no light leakage from the bottom.  Light leakage from the top can be minimized by bringing the drapery to the ceiling.  Using blackout linings adds more weight to the draperies.  Therefore, it is very important to use appropriate custom rodding that will carry the heavy drapery load.  We want your draperies to function properly.

Blackout lined draperies can also be used as a sound barrier to help eliminate unwanted sounds.  In addition to being light sensitive, I am also sound sensitive.  It has been said I have “Mother’s Ears”.  Indeed, I hear everything in my house & outside of it at night.  My blackout draperies and my sound machine help me get a good, healthful night’s sleep.

Blackout window treatments, whether they are shades or draperies, will help to keep the hot sun out in the summer, which will help minimize your air conditioning costs.  In the winter, these same treatments keep the cold outside on those long, dark & windy winter nights, helping to minimize your heating costs.

The sun will set tonight at 8:28pm, but the sky will be light until almost 9:30pm. What time do your children go to bed?  Does the light keep them awake?

It really is all about finding the right window treatment product to fit your needs.  Remember always, Function is always before Form.  When working on bedroom designs, one of the first questions I ask is if black out is required for sleeping.  At Drapery Connection, we first fill our client’s needs, then we make it beautiful.  If you are struggling with too much light in your bedroom to sleep properly, call us today to make an appointment for your complimentary in-home consultation, so we can help you find the right blackout treatment for you.  We look forward to hearing from you!  We wish you a restful, healthful, quiet & serene night’s sleep!  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………………….

Custom Drapery Hardware

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Today there are many styles and finishes available in drapery hardware, from traditional to modern, from simple to extravagant, and from casual to elegant. There are many different drapery hardware features to finish your window treatments. For instance, you can place emphasis on the draperies or top treatments and have hidden brackets, elbows or simple rods, or you can accentuate the drapery hardware as the prominent character of the window. Furthermore, drapery hardware can coordinate and compliment architecture of a room, creating balance in the given space.  Moreover, drapery hardware completes your treatments altogether.  They enact as a significant accessory.

Drapery hardware is quite functional as well as beautiful.  Wood & metal rods can be equipped with a traversing mechanism to accommodate easy opening & closing.  Some decorative metal & wood traversing rods can be bent to fit into a bay window.

The color of the drapery hardware should always correlate with the fabric, trim, furniture, or any important features of the room. Wood or resin colors available today can be solid, stained, or two toned.  Metal colors are shiny or brushed. Wrought iron and iron drapery hardware are generally matte finish, some contain speckled colors. These color combinations naturally add harmony to the room.

For drapery rods the most common materials used are wood, metal, and iron.  They can be solid, fluted, reeded, or even twisted.  Many pleated styles draperies and valances are suspended on rings.  Rings can be plain, fluted, twisted, or some contain acanthus leaves to place emphasis on the rings themselves.

Wrought iron and iron rods create their own unique appeal.  Mainly, they are smooth, hammered, twisted, or even fluted, and can come in either round or square.  Iron finials can contain smaller detailed features, since iron is forged it is malleable.  Therefore, many iron finials can contain thin scrolls, leaves on vines.

Generally, the most decorative feature of drapery hardware is the finials.  Finials can be beautiful accents to your window treatments.  They are available in wood, resin, metal, iron, and even crystal.  The most common shape is the classic ball finial. The ball finial can present a statement in so many ways to a room.  For more elegant spaces you may choose more decorative features, such as finials with acanthus leaves, swirls, fleur de lis, and you can add crystal finials to enhance the treatment.

In many cases where finials don’t fit the space style or size, there is the option of using end caps.  End caps can be plain round, or they can contain decorative features such as leaves, rope design, braids or twists.  Each of these styles correlates to significant features of the room.  These can genuinely give off a statement too, adding a unique significance to the area.

Some other inviting elements of drapery hardware are decorative brackets and scarf holders.  On the contrary to accentuating the treatment with finials, brackets with acanthus leaves, or scarf holders with animal designs can give the treatment emphasis. Yet, drapery brackets can be basic solely to serve their purpose by drawing one’s attention to the drapery treatment.  The European style brackets are relatively more decorative than the standard basic bracket, consisting of a rounded holder.  For those treatments to be in full view many prefer hidden brackets to completely display the draperies, swags or top treatments, these brackets are completely concealed.

Decorative holdbacks and medallions are charming added features which create additional enhancements on custom draperies.  Holdbacks can simply be used exclusively to tie back draperies, or they can tie back draperies with the accompaniment of tassel tie backs.  When using finials the holdbacks generally correlate with the finial’s unique designs, harmonizing many features of the room.

Along with many varieties and styles available, drapery hardware is a decorative and stylish accompaniment to each room’s surroundings.  They carry out each window treatment’s individual charm & beauty, accomplishing warm inviting rooms

Window Treatments and Child Safety

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Children and window treatment cords are not a good match. When window treatment cords are accessible to small children, these products may become strangulation hazards. I saw it myself when my little granddaughter put an un-anchored loop cord around her neck like a noose. Thank goodness I saw this happen and took appropriate measures. She was not harmed.

Other children are not so lucky. The consumer Product Safety Commission reports 1 child per month dies from strangulation from window treatment cords. The Window Covering Safety Council recommends if you have shades or blinds with cords, replace them with today’s safer cordless products. If you can’t afford to replace these shades or blinds, there are measures that can be taken to make it safer for your children:

* Move all cribs, beds, furniture and toys away from Windows and window treatment cords, preferably to another wall.
* Keep all window treatment cords well out of reach of children. Eliminate all dangling cords.
* Tasseled pull cords should be cut as short as possible.
* Continuous loop cords on shades, draperies, and vertical blinds should be permanently anchored to the floor, wall, or window casing.
* Lock cords into position on a cleat at all times.
*Read & heed the warning tags that come with all window coverings.

Ready -made shades and blinds will continue to be manufactured with standard lift cords. It is up to the consumer to educate themselves to the hazards associated with these products. Today, I would like to educate you on what window covering safety features are available on custom shades, blinds and drapery treatments. We at Drapery Connection urge homeowners with young children to choose window treatments that are either fully cordless, fixed, or motorized. Child safety is serious business. That is why all corded window coverings come with warning tags. Although custom shades and blinds are more expensive than ready- made, there are many cordless safety features available on custom products that one might not know about. An experienced window treatment specialist can help you to determine which product will give you the safety features you need to have, and can explain how each feature works.

Drapery Connection encourages Homeowners shopping for child safe window treatments to make an appointment for a Complimentary in-home consultation.

Top window treatment manufacturers like Comfortex and Lafayette are among those who offer many safety features. Comfortex offers a Quicktouch Cordless cellular shade that has an easy touch button on the face of the headrail to raise and lower the shade. They also offer a wand to help short people like me to reach this button. Through 12/31/15, this feature is offered at 50% off the upgrade charge. Comfortex also offers the Lift & Lock feature, where the locking feature is in the bottom rail. Much handier for short people like me. There is no upcharge for this Lift & Lock feature. Lafayette also offers a cordless option at no charge. Also available are Retractable cord lift systems, as well as the Cordless Powertouch features.
The standard cordless lift system works well for Windows that are of standard height and are easily accessible. Furniture placement can inhibit the use of cordless shades. The Quicktouch with a wand or the Lift & Lock feature make it easier to operate cordless shades regardless of the furniture placement or height of the window or the consumer. For windows that are very high, a motorized system can be used.

Safety features must also be considered for drapery treatments as well. Traverse rods have a continuous cord that is anchored permanently to the wall or floor, and should have proper tension to discourage children from tampering. Roman shades are offered with a cord lock lift system, with which a cleat must be used. A cleat is a plastic anchor that must be installed on the casing high enough so little hands cannot reach. The shade cord is wrapped around the cleat neatly. A continuous loop cord is also offered for Roman shades. The loop chord is anchored to the wall or sill and has proper tension to prevent little hands from tampering. Lafayette offers a CareRING cordless system for soft fashion fabric shades, including Roman and balloon shades. The cords on the back of the Roman shades can also be a safety hazard. Lafayette uses the TLC system, which is a mesh casing over the cords to ensure the back cords will not open wider than 7″, thus preventing a child’s head from becoming entangled.

Please call Drapery Connection today for your complimentary in-home consultation. Consider changing old out-dated shades with newer shades with safety features. I look forward to hearing from you.

The Benefits of Buying Custom Window Treatments

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There are many wonderful reasons why one should consider buying custom window treatments. There are great benefits to choosing custom, although some question the cost, and find it difficult to justify the price tag. The truth is, if you buy the quality of custom draperies and window treatments, they will last you for many years to come, and will save you money through the years.

With the possibility of another harsh winter on its way, we think about the high heating costs to come in the ensuing months. I love Windows to bring in the beautiful sunlight into our rooms all year round. The more light that comes in, the more chi energy enters into the room to help create a very happy, pleasant, warm & peaceful atmosphere. However, those harsh north winds can cause drafts that will send a big chill down anyone’s spine.

Custom draperies can offer a great solution to “Old Man Winter’s” effects on our homes interiors. A thermal lining added to the drapery fabric will give a great insulating value. This will help on heating costs during those harsh winters. Thermal lined draperies will also help keep out the heat in the summer, while keeping the cool air conditioning inside, thus cutting down on the high costs of air conditioning.

We have other window treatment products that can provide great insulation values as well. Cellular shades have the highest “R” value among shade products, especially double cellular shades and the cell-within-a-cell products.

Lots of sunlight coming onto your windows and room is great, but sunlight also brings harmful UV rays that can destroy furniture, carpeting, fabrics, and artwork. To protect those investments, we recommend using a shade product. Shades can be used along with drapery side panels or valances. Roller shades today have a huge selection of fabrics in many colors and opacities, as well as prints. Window shadings, such as Silhouettes or Shangrilas, provide sun protection, good privacy, and some insulating value as well. An investment in an appropriate window shade will protect your other home furnishings from fading, so that you may continue to enjoy all of them for many years to come, while saving on your heating and air conditioning costs.

The first questions we ask our clients is if they feel they need protection from the sun, or do they need privacy. If the answer is yes to either of these two questions, it is time to start discussing all of the options available. In good design, function always comes before form. We, at Drapery Connection, will help you to find the right window treatment to suit your needs.

Custom Draperies and window treatments are the finishing touch to a room. It is this aesthetic value that we mostly think of when considering custom. Custom is just that – Custom! You get to select the perfect fabric from huge selections. You get to select the right style, just for you. Your custom window treatment is made to fit your window perfectly. Your custom window treatment is made to suit your personal tastes. Your custom window treatments are made to reflect your personality. Your custom window treatments are made to meet your needs in that room.

Let us not forget to mention that our custom draperies and window treatments are always installed by our professional drapery installer. We also offer warranties on all products we sell, which may vary from product to product.

Custom draperies and window treatments will last 10, 20 years or more. Keeping this in mind will help to justify the costs of custom. Before you begin with a designer to select your custom window treatments, decide upon what budget you need to work within. This will help your design professional to recommend appropriate treatments.

We look forward to working with you on your next custom window treatment project.

Today’s Family Rooms

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Today’s Family Room takes the place of Yesterday’s Living Room. This is the room where we spend most of our time, and where we entertain, ourselves and guests. Today our Family Rooms are open to or adjacent to the Kitchen. This is where we come to relax and enjoy our free time when we are at home. This is where we create memorable times.

We must take great care in selecting window treatments for our Family Rooms. We must consider exactly how we use this room to know what treatments will work for us. Today most clients have large flat screen TV’s. The sun’s glare can often pose a problem here. Many products are available, such as cellular or roller shades, that can eliminate this glare. It becomes more challenging when there are specialty shaped Windows. Some specialty shape shade products are fixed, and cannot be opened. It is in knowing your needs and desires that we can recommend the appropriate product for these windows.

Clients with young children must consider the safety of the products they select. It is the cording in the lift systems that pose the problem. Options are now available with keeping safety in mind, such as cordless shades, where no cords are visible. This great option also offers great ease in operating the shade. This option can be attractive to those clients who find visible cords unsightly.

Many Family Rooms today have high cathedral ceilings. Floor length drapery panels can add warmth and color to the room. Here we can consider traditional pleated styles, as well as grommet tops for a more contemporary look. Decorative drapery hardware is available in wood or metal in a variety of finishes.

Custom draperies for the family room will take your room from uninviting to welcoming. They will serve you for many years to come. The appropriate styles not only enhance the beauty of your home, but will offer significant insulation properties, which translates to savings on home heating and air conditioning costs. Many window treatment products today are environmentally sound and socially responsible, to keep our world a safer place to live and enjoy. We offer a wide range of products that can meet all of your needs.

Master Bedrooms

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In the fast-paced lives we lead today we try to balance demanding work schedules with precious family time.  We often find much difficulty squeezing in some relaxation for ourselves.  A beautifully appointed Master Bedroom Suite could be the oasis we need at the end of each day.

We often have clients requesting a quiet and serene Master Bedroom.  Color selection is critical for this.  Aqua, soft teals, coupled with soft taupe or beige create a spa like atmosphere.  Small pops of contrasting colors, such as yellow or lavender add to the beauty.  Selecting the appropriate fabrics will also enhance the restful nature we are creating.

We must select the appropriate window treatments and bed coverings to suit your needs.  In good design, function is always before form.  One must determine first if they require room darkening for their bedroom.  Many products are available to keep the sunlight out when we need to sleep. Cellular and roller shades come in many colors and fabrics that are room darkening.  Custom draperies can be lined with blackout lining.  We help our clients determine what type of window treatment would be appropriate for their window type, ones that will suit their needs and match their personal style.

Custom bed coverings transform lackluster bedrooms into inviting respites.  An informal, relaxing bed treatment would be using a down comforter with a duvet cover coordinating with the drapery treatments.  An upholstered headboard is a great alternative to wood headboards.  They are cost effective and add an additional elegance and softness to the bedroom.  Using a custom bed skirt in a complimentary fabric finishes the look.

The investment made in the furnishings for your Master Bedroom will bring you many benefits for years to come.  Not only will you enjoy its lasting beauty every day of the year, you will reap the benefits of the energy efficient window treatments and slumber enhancing bed products.