Custom Bed Coverings

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Every bedroom is unique with its very own style, colors, and furnishings within it. The most imperative piece in each bedroom is the bed itself. We not only want extreme comfort, but style and colors come together to contrive “the piece de resistance”. Working with the surrounding colors and furnishings assists us with the completion of the main feature. Creating each custom bed covering design comes in endless possibilities, from uncomplicated and solid, to ornate and extravagant. Each bed covering piece is designed for you to become personally your own.

Custom bed coverings come in a variety of styles. They include bedspreads and coverlets, comforters, duvet covers, dust ruffles (bed skirts), upholstered headboards. Bed coverings range in size from daybeds, and from twin size to king. They are often topped with pillow shams. Two common custom throw pillow styles that go along well with bed coverings are the bolster, and the round sunburst pillow.

Custom bed coverings which include bedspreads, coverlets, comforters, and duvet covers can be quilted or unquilted. There are many styles of quilting, including soft shapes such as diamonds, clouds, circles and arches, or even the hourglass pattern. Channeling is a common quilt pattern as well. You can have more intricate quilt patterns such as outline quilting when you have a patterned fabric, or actual designs such as flowers and leaves stitched onto the bed covering when a solid fabric is used. One simple pattern is the horizontal or vertical tack. When a busy pattern is present on the fabric, often no quilting pattern is desired to place further emphasis on the fabric’s own design. A very common fill for the quilted patterns is poly Dacron, which comes in different densities.

Some may prefer the full length of bedspreads cascading down to the floor. Other people prefer the shorter side lengths of coverlets, comforters and duvet covers. Bedspreads and coverlets can have a straight or scalloped bottom. Some common decorations for the bottom edge of bedspreads and coverlets are decorative welts, tassel trim, brush fringe.  Bedspreads can have pillow tuck, where pillows are covered with the bedspread, or without pillow tuck. If no pillow tuck is desired, custom shams are an appropriate addition.  Bedspreads can have split corners, or be fitted with gussets.

Comforters and Duvet Covers can be reversible. Both sides can have the same fabric, or one side in contrast fabric for an occasional different look and feel. Comforters generally have larger density fill than bedspreads. Duvet covers standard closure is the zipper.

A common accompaniment to the coverlets, comforters and duvet covers is the addition of a dust ruffle. Dust ruffles come in various styles, including gathered, box pleated. A young girls’ bedroom may have a gathered dust ruffle to portray a more feminine feel. A boys’ bedroom may have a box pleated or kick pleat dust ruffle to depict a more masculine style. Subject to the fabric chosen for the comforter/duvet, consider the dust ruffles’ fabric coordinating in repeat colors. In addition to the repeating colors, if the comforter/duvet has a curvilinear fabric, a complimentary fabric may be a geometric, stripe, plaid, or even solid fabric. The combination of fabric prints or styles can be used either way. Dust ruffles are standardly finished with 3 sides, also can be finished with 4 sides.

Custom pillow shams act as genuine complimenting accents to your bed coverings. Custom pillow shams are often created correlating with the each of the bed’s fabric, even repeated in the same fabric. Shams can be simple and solid, or embellished and extravagant. Pillow shams may be finished with fabric welt, decorative lip cord, brush fringe, or they may not have any welt on outside edge for a more modern/contemporary look. They can even have a gathered ruffle for a more feminine style. Shams can have fabric covered buttons either in the same or contrast fabric for further accent. There is even a Eurosham in a square style, can be accompanied by standard rectangular shams. Like standard shams, Euroshams can be ornate with many trimmings or multiple fabrics, or simple and solid to coordinate with existing pieces and bring out color.

Custom upholstered headboards create additional harmony to the finished bed. We can help in selecting the appropriate durable fabrics to complete the look. Headboards use upholstery weight or drapery weight fabrics, often done in faux leathers and suedes. They come in many shapes and styles. Headboards can contain tufting, or they can be finished with decorative nailheads. Many headboards have rolled edges with welt. They can have standard legs, or can be mounted directly to the wall. Upholstered headboards can often be more cost effective than a wood headboard.

Altogether, you can have some, or even all of the above mentioned custom bed coverings. We can assist in your selection of fabrics for your convenience, to bring about beautiful bed coverings for your bedroom. Every individual bed completed with any or many of the custom coverings creates an essential centerpiece to the space.