Custom Drapery Hardware

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Today there are many styles and finishes available in drapery hardware, from traditional to modern, from simple to extravagant, and from casual to elegant. There are many different drapery hardware features to finish your window treatments. For instance, you can place emphasis on the draperies or top treatments and have hidden brackets, elbows or simple rods, or you can accentuate the drapery hardware as the prominent character of the window. Furthermore, drapery hardware can coordinate and compliment architecture of a room, creating balance in the given space.  Moreover, drapery hardware completes your treatments altogether.  They enact as a significant accessory.

Drapery hardware is quite functional as well as beautiful.  Wood & metal rods can be equipped with a traversing mechanism to accommodate easy opening & closing.  Some decorative metal & wood traversing rods can be bent to fit into a bay window.

The color of the drapery hardware should always correlate with the fabric, trim, furniture, or any important features of the room. Wood or resin colors available today can be solid, stained, or two toned.  Metal colors are shiny or brushed. Wrought iron and iron drapery hardware are generally matte finish, some contain speckled colors. These color combinations naturally add harmony to the room.

For drapery rods the most common materials used are wood, metal, and iron.  They can be solid, fluted, reeded, or even twisted.  Many pleated styles draperies and valances are suspended on rings.  Rings can be plain, fluted, twisted, or some contain acanthus leaves to place emphasis on the rings themselves.

Wrought iron and iron rods create their own unique appeal.  Mainly, they are smooth, hammered, twisted, or even fluted, and can come in either round or square.  Iron finials can contain smaller detailed features, since iron is forged it is malleable.  Therefore, many iron finials can contain thin scrolls, leaves on vines.

Generally, the most decorative feature of drapery hardware is the finials.  Finials can be beautiful accents to your window treatments.  They are available in wood, resin, metal, iron, and even crystal.  The most common shape is the classic ball finial. The ball finial can present a statement in so many ways to a room.  For more elegant spaces you may choose more decorative features, such as finials with acanthus leaves, swirls, fleur de lis, and you can add crystal finials to enhance the treatment.

In many cases where finials don’t fit the space style or size, there is the option of using end caps.  End caps can be plain round, or they can contain decorative features such as leaves, rope design, braids or twists.  Each of these styles correlates to significant features of the room.  These can genuinely give off a statement too, adding a unique significance to the area.

Some other inviting elements of drapery hardware are decorative brackets and scarf holders.  On the contrary to accentuating the treatment with finials, brackets with acanthus leaves, or scarf holders with animal designs can give the treatment emphasis. Yet, drapery brackets can be basic solely to serve their purpose by drawing one’s attention to the drapery treatment.  The European style brackets are relatively more decorative than the standard basic bracket, consisting of a rounded holder.  For those treatments to be in full view many prefer hidden brackets to completely display the draperies, swags or top treatments, these brackets are completely concealed.

Decorative holdbacks and medallions are charming added features which create additional enhancements on custom draperies.  Holdbacks can simply be used exclusively to tie back draperies, or they can tie back draperies with the accompaniment of tassel tie backs.  When using finials the holdbacks generally correlate with the finial’s unique designs, harmonizing many features of the room.

Along with many varieties and styles available, drapery hardware is a decorative and stylish accompaniment to each room’s surroundings.  They carry out each window treatment’s individual charm & beauty, accomplishing warm inviting rooms