Today’s Family Rooms

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Today’s Family Room takes the place of Yesterday’s Living Room. This is the room where we spend most of our time, and where we entertain, ourselves and guests. Today our Family Rooms are open to or adjacent to the Kitchen. This is where we come to relax and enjoy our free time when we are at home. This is where we create memorable times.

We must take great care in selecting window treatments for our Family Rooms. We must consider exactly how we use this room to know what treatments will work for us. Today most clients have large flat screen TV’s. The sun’s glare can often pose a problem here. Many products are available, such as cellular or roller shades, that can eliminate this glare. It becomes more challenging when there are specialty shaped Windows. Some specialty shape shade products are fixed, and cannot be opened. It is in knowing your needs and desires that we can recommend the appropriate product for these windows.

Clients with young children must consider the safety of the products they select. It is the cording in the lift systems that pose the problem. Options are now available with keeping safety in mind, such as cordless shades, where no cords are visible. This great option also offers great ease in operating the shade. This option can be attractive to those clients who find visible cords unsightly.

Many Family Rooms today have high cathedral ceilings. Floor length drapery panels can add warmth and color to the room. Here we can consider traditional pleated styles, as well as grommet tops for a more contemporary look. Decorative drapery hardware is available in wood or metal in a variety of finishes.

Custom draperies for the family room will take your room from uninviting to welcoming. They will serve you for many years to come. The appropriate styles not only enhance the beauty of your home, but will offer significant insulation properties, which translates to savings on home heating and air conditioning costs. Many window treatment products today are environmentally sound and socially responsible, to keep our world a safer place to live and enjoy. We offer a wide range of products that can meet all of your needs.